Meet Shranda


 I am of three young men (#boymom)
I created the community Conscious Mujer Collective in the fall of 2019 in my home.  It’s a safe space for women to come together to nurture, support and heal one another.  2020 began and brought us all to a halt. I like many had to pivot, realizing there was more out there I needed to learn. I am now a Certified Reiki Practitioner and a Facilitator in Breathwork and Women’s Circles. I continue to do the work as well and am continuing my path learning shamanic practices, mediumship and other healing modalities. This journey is not easy but I can promise you, it is worth it. During the process, Karinee and I became very close, supporting one another not only in our spiritual endeavors but in day to day conversations about life, it was 2020!  It was obvious, together we would create this space.  



​Our mission is to build a safe community where mujeres like YOU come together to be nurtured, supported and heal one another. Because when One Heals We ALL Heal. 
In Lakesh, I am another YOU.


Meet Karinee


I am a mother of two boys (#boysmom) and wife to my high school sweetheart.

My spiritual journey I would say has been long because since little I questioned a lot of the religions. It wasn’t until I was near death and found myself ill that I saw the correlation of my spiritual state with my womb health. Through self discovery journey I found my life calling which is to connect other women to their Womb Wisdom.

Since working in groups is where I feel at home, teaming up with Shranda to continue  her believe on Conscious Mujer Collective was a “no brainer”. The initial vision of bringing light to make topics about spirituality and healing modalities in the Latinx community continues to grow.